Our Philosophy

Our desire is to continue our “eco-friendly” cultivation in order to produce wines that improve over time and age with class without losing their innate spontaneity.

In the vineyard

We care for the environment and those who live there and have dedicated ourselves, from the outset, to a cleaner method of agriculture. We have therefore decided to totally exclude using any herbicides, desiccants, chemical fertilizers and GMO vines, as well as opting for a purely manual harvest.

In the wine cellar

In the wine cellar, we use exclusively indigenous yeasts present on the grapes, excluding vitamins, enzymes, bacteria, dyes or concentrated wines. For the red wines, we have opted for a long spontaneous fermentation, without temperature control and without the help of chemistry. In addition, we clarify our wines using only the winter cold – a slower but more natural process.


The still wines are bottled in our own wine cellar thanks to our bottling line which provides a precise fall system during the filling process in order to avoid the compression or alteration of wine cells.


All our products are stored and prepared for the aging process. Following that, they are carefully packaged for sale to our private customers, our national and international distributors and agents
"Some never go crazy. Their wines must be really boring".
Charles Bukowski