Vinchio: Ancient Woods, Vineyards and Flavours

The picturesque village of Vinchio lies among the rolling hills covered with vineyards between Langhe and Monferrato.
Vinchio was the scene of the battle in which, in 935, the future Marquis of Monferrato Aleramo defeated the Saracens by driving them away from his lands forever. This story is re-enacted every year, in May.

Vinchio is home to the Sarmassa Valley Nature Reserve, a site with a fairy-like atmosphere , dense with locust trees (robinie), chestnut and oak trees, and where one of the oldest tree specimens is located, a centuries-old monument called “La Ru”. The country also counts, among its interesting monuments, the Brotherhood of the SS. Trinity, now home to cultural events, as well as the Baroque church of St. Mark and St. Vincent.

Vinchio is the birthplace of Davide Lajolo, a writer and politician to whom the multimedia Museo “Vinchio e’ il mio nido” is attributed. Numerous country walks are attributed to his memory and along one of these walks, “The Farmer’s Museum of Rural Civilization” was created. Another interesting site is “The House of Memories” which is a testimony to the Resistance in these territories.


The coexistence of three types of soil: white tuff, sand and red clay in such a small area makes Vinchio a very special territory with each of these characteristics creating completely different wines.

from earth to wine

Since 2014, due to its deep and centuries-old pursuit of viticulture, the village of Vinchio is included in a UNESCO World Heritage site which includes much of the Langhe and Monferrato regions.

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"God only made water, but man made wine".
Victor Hugo